Special Offers


1x Torayvino MK2-EG + 1x Torayvino MKC-EG

With this offer, you get one (1) faucet water filter Torayvino MK2-EG (including one (1) filter cartridge Torayvino MKC-EG) and one (1) extra Torayvino MKC-EG replacement cartridge.

Enjoy clean water at home with the Torayvino faucet water filters.

Total list price $106.67
Price for all $94.44

4x MATRIKX® Pb1® only 59,00€!

With this special offer, you get four (4) replacement filter cartridges MATRIKX® Pb1® for ONLY 59,00€!

Total list price $75.56
Price for all $65.56