Domestic Water Filters

Shower Filter Interwater SW110C Chrome
49.00    40.00  40.000000 (Including Τax)
Micron Rating: 5μm, Interwater, 5 to 6 months

The antichlorinating shower filter with KDF overcomes the problems caused by the excessive amount of chlorine in our water. The KDF filter effectively removes more than 95% of chlorine in water of our shower.

Faucet Water Filter Torayvino MK203X
  120.00  120.000000 (Including Τax)
1 Year Warranty, Micron Rating: 0.1μm, Toray, 5 to 6 months

The Torayvino MK203X faucet water filter removes the dirt and odor from the water. The device includes an electronic monitor that shows the filter capacity so you know when to replace the cartridge.