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Under-Sink Water Filters - Waterstore

Under-Sink Water Filters

Under-Sink Water Filter Filtrete 3US-AS01
85.90    78.90  78.900000 (Including Τax)
Micron Rating: 5μm, Filtrete, 5 to 6 months

The Filtrete under-sink water filter includes filter head assembly, mounting hardware, plumbing connectors and 7.500 liters capacity water filter cartridge. The filter reduces sediment, including sand, silt, particulates and rust. It also reduces chlorine taste and odor.

Under-Sink Water Filter Aqua-Pure CS-FF
128.90    109.90  109.900000 (Including Τax)
Micron Rating: 5μm, Aqua-Pure, 5 to 6 months

The Aqua-Pure® CS-FF under-sink water filter system, a full-flow under-sink filter, helps to reduce sediment and chlorine taste and odors, providing improved drinking water at less cost than bottled water. The system comes with everything needed for a common installation, including quick-snap fittings and a built-in mounting bracket and bypass valve.

Under-Sink Water Filter Culligan US-EZ-1
62.90    49.90  49.900000 (Including Τax)
Micron Rating: 5μm, 10 to 12 months

The Culligan US-EZ-1 under-sink water filter is a great solution for basic filtration under the sink. The filter has a capacity of about 3000 gallons (11000 liters) and last for 10 to 12 months, depending on the water quality at home. It is tested by the NSF/ANSI Standard 42 to remove residual chlorine, sediments, bad taste and odor.